The right partner
the best products

HTT & Steel is the right partner for the sale of structural tubes. Right for the price, just for that skill.

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Inner quality control
in the production process

All our products follow strict quality control, which certifies that the product.

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The service....the difference
in each field

Thanks to our extensive sales network, we provide excellent service in the full expectations of our customers

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in HTT & Steel !

Htt & Steel provides structural tubing sections hot or cold. Are 25,000 square meters, 80,000 tons, 600 different sizes, more than 50 countries that we are able to achieve.

These are the numbers that make us great and allow our customers the best prices, excellent service and excellent quality.

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our company

Factory innovative and leading-edge manufacturer of tubular profiles.

The production process of our tubular takes place in continuous lines of a complete cycle.

The structural tubes produced by HTT & Steel are manufactured in agreement with EN 10210.

The processes and products of HTT & Steel are qualified and approved by major institutions internationally recognized.

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